Friday, 15 May 2009


Well!!!! What do you say when you run out of adjectives, because thats how Im feeling right now. Awesome just doesnt cover the experience of skydiving...YES I DID IT!!!!!

The picture above was taken near the end of the free fall which was just amazing and didnt last long enough. Before I jumped I had imagined my stomach would be somewhere where my brain should be, however free falling like this at a rate of 10,000 miles per minute just didnt feel like falling its the only way I can put it, Ive felt worse on some funfair rides and can only say those 40 seconds passed far too quickly, it really was an unforgettable experience.

Prior to the actual jump from the plane I found myself suspended outside the airplane with my tandem instructor sat at the door with his legs over the edge ready to jump, this was the bit I dreaded but that wasnt too bad either, within seconds I was reeling of into space and another few seconds all had flattened out and we were in free fall.
The parachute opened and up we went, then the beautiful silence and the earth spread out below me in all its glory.
The Red Devil filming the jump apparently took off a little to early ( he was really cute so he's forgiven ) and instead of landing at the airfield we landed in some fields quite a bit away, meaning they sent a car out to pick us up. We also landed in a field of horses who had a look of wtf!!! thankfully they werent too startled by our arrival from the skies as we slid on our backsides toward them. The camera guy however landed in the next field, that contained a happy bunch of cows and non too happy bull, needless to say he didnt stay too long and got out of there as quickly as he could grab his parachute..This somehow added more fun to the day, which is the perfect way to describe it.
The Red Devils were a great bunch of guys and somehow you just knew you were in safe hands.
Cant wait to do it all again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you ever get the chance then go for it!!!! unforgettable !!!!!
Im leaving my page open for a little longer if anyone still wants to donate then the more the merrier

Monday, 13 April 2009


On May 14th I will be falling from the skies, doing a tandem skydive with the Red Devils at Strathallen airfield. This is something Ive wanted to do for a long time but never plucked up the courage to actually go and book it. This jump was a christmas present from my children and given Patricks safe return from Afghanistan I thought it a good idea to make it extra special and raise some funds for a group I read about in a Sunday paper.

The article was about the work this organisation carries out, assisting ex forces personel recover a quality of life that slipped from them often as a result of post traumatic stress stemming from their experiences whilst serving in places like the Falklands, Gulf war, Iraq and Afghanstan.

I found the article reassuring as having listened to some of Patricks experiences I was seriously concerned as to how he could process these and the long term effects they could quite possibily have on him. The group deliver a short therapy course that works and enables men and women to come to terms and rebuild their lives for more information on their work click on this link

Patricks commrades from 45 commando make it back home today, this local press report made interesting reading another surprised and pleased me as it would appear Scotland is leading the way with regard to the aftercare of the men and women who have to readjust to some semblance of normality on return from what I can only imagine to be hell on earth at times.

So far Ive managed to raise a little over £500 in sponsorship and Im delighted but obviously would like to raise as much as possible. The monies will be split with another organisation called Honour our troops and here is the link for their group. This group is run by full time serving men and women who intend to hold a concert to honour the troops and raise funds for services charities....

Thanks for reading and if you would like to donate a little something it will be more than appreciated this is the link to my online charity fundraising page

Sunday, 14 December 2008

So love survives


Its been such a long time since Ive written on here and I imagine there is no need to write who and what is foremost in my mind these past weeks. Pat on his pass out day and what a day to remember that was, we were naturally so very proud of him and his achievement in gaining his green beret.

How hes grown in so many ways since that day, physically mentally and I believe spiritually,tending to show in his expression of who he is and in some sense always has been since a child. Thoughtful and caring, loyal, quietly determined prefering action to talk. He has tended to be the quieter one of my 3 sons, a self possession as I said previously that shows in his action as opposed to his talk, he always appeared to own himself in a sense.

He is serving in Afghanistan as I write this, safe and well thankfully, spoken with a deep sense of relief yet an equal sense of sadness at the loss of his commrades from 45 company in recent days. I have spoken with him and his sense of sadness is palpable, yet the courage and sense of commradeship so very strong. Its very humbling to listen to my youngest son speak so frankly and sensitively.

He will be away over christmas and his parcel is already posted, he is leaving at the beginning of January when his initial sign up period is up with the full backing of his buddies who he will be leaving behind. He intends to train for close protection work but first another travel to put space and give him time to process his experiences.

Ive kept this short so I can now go and send him an e.bluey, let him know how things are at home. I shant tell him of my daughters phone call to me in tears this morning having heard of the recent loss of young men from his company and not sure if Patrick was safe, those waits are harrowing to say the least and we are a thankful family tonight

Im saddened however when I think of those parents, brothers, sisters, wifes children etc who will be suffering deep grief at their loss, thats all I can do is sit with the sadness, feels so helpless and the war so pointless, the loss.

I realise this post may sound sombre but thats how it is right now until it passes, at a loss for words really

Hopefully you are all well and preparing for the festive season. My girls have decided this is going to be a very special one in honour of Patrick and his commrades serving all over the world, think its changed their sense of values and whats really important too.