Friday, 29 June 2007


Another wet and rainy evening in Aberdeen a couple of nights ago so I thought I would take you on a walk around the block (Alans not mine). Just round the corner is the central library, adjoining this St Marks church and finally the newly reopened and refurbished His Majesteys Theatre, celebrating its 100th year in a couple of weeks time.
Rick Mayall appeared here in The New Statesman last week and was seen out back puffing on a cigarrette, chatting on his mobile before a performance, many were disappointed the first two nights as he was unable to appear due to illness.

This was taken from Union Terrace gardens a lovely park in the heart of the city, shown here the Bon Accord coat of arms for the city, above are the buildings mentioned before

This is The Cowdray Hall, they hold afternoon concerts in this building, live classical music during ones lunch break and often the venue for conferences and meetings. This building joins Robert Gordons University and Public School..Heading home back past the theatre, church and library one can see this turret?spire? belonging to Rosemount Parish Church. I love this building as looking up from Alans street this is smack bang in the line of vision, it always reminds me of India for some reason looked at from that perspective.

As you can see without sunshine the granite buildings in Aberdeen loose their sparkle and look quite dismal and dull

To brighten things up the last two were taken a couple of days after on Stonehaven beach ( my patch) A little sunshine, Im definitely not made for city dwelling


RUTH said...

Thanks for the walk...lovely gardens and not as chilly as I expected (especially as I've my pj's on!...LOL). I was really pleased when Rik Mayall pulled through his motor bike accident a few years ago. Love those last 2 photos...the 2nd from last is a stunner. have a great weekend.

RUTH said...

Feel quite chuffed I got 5 out of 5!

tom said...

Great pic's, I love being by the ocean too!

Audrey said...

Now Ive entered the big M Ruth I need the puzzles to keep the brain active...I only got 3 right this, but oh do I love anything to do with words.. must keep trying.XX Auds

Icarus said...

Auds, for a few days now, it has been almost impossible for me to comment anywhere, something to do with my pc, as that security box, would just keep coming back on after every click. What is that? Yesterday, my work was so hampered that I thought my pc was heading back into hospital, the last thing I need. Better today, though.
A great exposition of the variuos faces of Aberdeen! And Rik Mayall's still going? Wow!