Thursday, 15 November 2007


Yes I made it there and back in one piece, didnt get lost in those massive airports and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of travelling on my own, great confidence builder.

I cant begin to tell you what a wonderful time Laura and I had in this amazing city, just loved every moment we were there..Im posting a few of the snap shots we took and guess what we did!!! The helicopter ride over the city was an experience I will never forget amongst others

I will be back with a full report but first an early night as I have the final hearing tommorrow and this trip, remembering it is just the tonic I need right now.

Love you all and missed you all..back soon xxx

This is what life is about, meeting people, exploring, experiencing, enjoying just every now and again something truly different....absolutely wonderful

Update **** Four hours in court this morning and yet another hearing in February. Im not too despondent as at least the judge made it clear that I had every right to walk down to his solicitors where the finances are held from the sale of the marital home and demand my half share. As it stands he is claiming Im not entitled but giving absolutely no evidence to back up why not!! Lots of big words,lots of sighs but at least I got a practice run and wont feel so nervous next time. oh well the following song says it all




Thats no way to say goodbye,Im sticking out for justice and standing by my true worth


Icarus said...

Hey!!! I am very happy to be the firsat in here to tell you that is your best post ever, with all respect! We are both full of admiration -Ana's in on this, as she saw the photo of you giving your regards to Broadway & said, "I really like this woman!". And so do I. What a buzz, what great photos - with respect to the the lovely Laura, her Mum looks FABULOUS! Ana said you were radiating happiness. It obviously was the perfect tonic & preparation, as even the musical choices reflect it. And I am now going to try to give you a will be coming in a few minutes.
The next thing I'm waiting for - in fact all of us - is to hear that you have got the result you wanted today. The magic fingers are crossed for you.....

RUTH said...

Echoing Stewart's sentiments of our own blogging Broadway Star! So sorry to read your Update...stay strong, keep fighting, stay smiling

Audrey said...

Thankyou, both you and Ana for your lovely comments Stewart. A wonderful tonic on top of the break.

I recieved 'Laura enlightened' and yes youve really improved the look of the shot...xx

Seemed to spend most of our time down in the battery, didnt quite make it

Also managed to acquire one of those awful colds since my return however getting away made such a big difference, helps broaden perspective..

Hope all is well. Much love xxxx Auds

Audrey said...

Ruth, Thankyou x

Although the case wasnt finalized it helped to hear certain things, basically Im now more than confident that the 9th of February will bring it all to an end.

But gosh the law isnt half need to say it but its an A-- at

Although the judge wasnt prepared to make a decision about finances given there was no case from the defender, he was prepared to grant the divorce if both parties agreed...guess who said no..

Im still smiling however and intend to go on smiling..

Hope your still enjoying college and well..xxxx Auds

AintNeverScared said...

Hey :) You came stateside and didn't stop by to say hello?! Just kidding, Chicago is still a few more hours by plane :D

You sure do have a lot going on; I am pulling for you in everything, but I know that you are ferociously strong and able. I usually do the leaning on YOU, not the other way around...

I loved your pictures; funny, I've never been to NYC myself and yet live even closer. I hear that it is amazing. I would love to go.

Gledwood said...

Glad you had an entertaining time!

New York City, Berlin and Tokya are the 3 cities I've never been to that I really want to go to ...

Great stuff!!


Audrey said...

I think youd love them all Gleds :)