Monday, 25 June 2007


What a delightful surprise.I have been prsented an award by Ruth and it means so much to me that it comes from a woman I have so much admiration for, her courage, devotion, tenacity and warm sense of humour has touched so many hearts and her blog is a testament the love and devotion shared with her beloved Mick, a man we too came to love and respect through her eyes and words..Thankyou Ruth.

I now have to award five others, one was to be Ruths daughter but I was too late, and this begs the question Can a woman have enough awards?? Plus Im a non starter still when it comes to linking but here goes.

1.PLUMPIEMOUSIE... even if you dont take part in awards and memes PLEASE ACCEPT. This is a land of magic and full of such original creativity..For me this Mousies blog is all about the heart of a woman, the creativity,her books, her many wonderful characters..a must visit..such a gentle, peaceful place to spend a few hours in.

2.aintneverscared...Ive just recently been visiting this blog, but already I sense a real strength and determination to move forward an overcome the obstacles and difficulties this lady faces in her everyday life. Writing with a real and almost self challenging honesty.

3.ANALIA.... Winds of change. I love the way Annalia expresses herself through her writing, at times poetry, metaphor and great humour.

4Lulu.....(Dans cat) does she count??..I hope so because she rocks too. She has a good insight into her masters mind I feel and knows whats needed and when its needed, for instance a BIRTHDAY PRESENT for her owner today.

All links can be found on my side bar..CONGRATULATIONS and even if you dont want to participate please accept the awards..Rules is made for breaking after all...Auds a rebel at heart as well as a rocker..whoo hoo!!!


RUTH said...

Do I detect a change of scenery here? On reading your words in the title I was immediatly reminded of the song "The Rhythm Of Life". Glad you've enjoyed the award; there are a lot of Rockin' girls in blog world and you've made some great choices {when Analia gets back on line she will find 2 awards as I've nominated her too on my garden blog!}

Audrey said...

Hi Ruth and thanks again. Has a quick online chat with Analia just before Pat left, which was good. Actually got some sunshine today too :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Congratulations Audrey!
I have seen your comments on Ruth's blog and decided to pop over and say Hello! Scotland...whereabouts?


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh just me again, back to say I got an ward too from Ruth! LOL!

Hadn't seen it when I visited you first.


Icarus said...

Hi, Shakira here just popping in for a cuppa & get off my pins for a few seconds. It's not so easy tyo keep looking like an 18-yr-old goddess when you're in fact 78. You'll find out......As will Pat on his adventures in Caracas! Private, confidential insider's view coming in separate mail, Auds! He's proabaly already discovered it is HOTTER than Basra, lol.

So, you are all turning rapidly into Rock Chicks, eh? Very well done, all of you. Is there going to be an album? Video? World Tour? If the Stones could do it yet again in Lisbon last night,then why not?
Heartace.....that's great. Sounds like a film with James Dean. But if we carry on like this we are gonna end up with Earache.
Much better dispaly now, well done again! Now get on with your Chrissie Hynde pout-&-strut practice!!


leanne said...

ahh how sweet that you were going to give me an award, im very new to all this blogging so really done deserve one yet, i even had to get my mum to put the little pictures onto my blog as i cant work out how to lol! thanku anyway. will enjoy reading your blog x

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

Thank you so much for this award. This might be the first award a cat like me has won in the blogosphere. I was wondering when you silly humans were going to rectify that situation. Thanks for restoring my faith in humans. Silly creatures.

Dan said...

Wow! Lulu came running to me that sweet Audrey gave her an award. Gosh, she is SO HAPPY. I can't stop her from purring!

And that's the best birthday gift I've gotten all day! Hugs!

Audrey said...

LOL Stewart Ive already found out, failed at the 18year old goddess part years ago, tranisition into the wise old crone stage now, its more comfortable, no more upward hill struggle its freewheeling downhill from here on in AND ENJOYING IT!!LOL

Gosh are the Stones still touring, amazing!!

I presume your not talking about the weather when you say Caracas is hotter than Basra

As for the group, Lulu is fronting, it makes you wanna 'shout' but 'dont get me wrong' we wont go breaking your heartxxx :) Auds

Audrey said...

Cg got there before but well deserved and congratulations, I've enjoyed everything you've posted a good read, could you send your mum round to mine, Im having terrible problems with these linksxx Auds

Audrey said...

Yes Lulu us humans can be silly at times, thats why I thought you deserved the award as a star girl rocker for pointing that out in your ONE post, whens your owner gonna let you free on that computer again..Im talking to cats again....SILLY OR WHAT!!

Audrey said...

Hope you enjoyed your day Dan and got lots of hugs as well

Audrey said...

Congratulations D and thanks, hope this doesnt go to our heads lol

Im in wet and windy Aberdeen always that chill in the wind, but its home and I love it despite the weather.

Used to holiday annually down in your part of the world in a place called Ingleton, very beautiful

Will pay a visit soon x Auds