Saturday, 23 June 2007


I must admit I found myself rumminating last night over the situation with the bank..Thinking back to my circumstances all those years ago and the decisions I made then.

Would I make the same decision today I asked myself, the conclusion was a resounding YES!!!

At the time my focus was on feeding my kids and finding a proper and decent home for them, as due to their fathers actions they found themselves with me in what can only be described as a chicken shack...good enough for me on my own, but totally inadequate for my kids and heartbreaking given the home they had left behind which was less than two minutes away from the dump they were now living in.

I'd never been in debt before so it was a horrendous feeling and knowing there was absolutely no way I could pay anything back to the bank, I chose to ignore them until my situation had changed for the better and what I saw as my priorities were met, not a good idea perhaps and not something I would recommend, but given their ruthlessness now,I cant help but wonder just how symapathic they would have been in reality..KIDS FIRST,FACELESS INSTITUTIONS can wait as I knew they would survive unscathed

I knew then that my decision would have repercussions in the future and was willing to accept this and have, but today I can say those repercussions are not the end of the world.

All past now but boy!!! am I angry with their refusal to leave the account operational for another week. Their profuse apology and acceptance that its their fault I was given the account in the first place is meaningless, they have their money,paid back in full some time ago,I pose no risk to them by having this months salary paid in and transferred, so RBS take protective counter shields down and find your heart.

Now this all over and looking to the future, the post title will perhaps make some sense.

I hope Im not breaking any bloggette ettiquette here but I am making an executive decision here to link to a post that cheered me up no end this morning,had me in stiches and truly inspired me.....Forgive me Dan but this is so must read, gauranteed to brighten your day..

Dont worry be happy,even in the face of vultures and hyenas :)(if possible)

***Text message from Patrick in Caracas***

'Alrite mam everythin is fine,place is awesome but a hard city. i already got a girls number in a resturant!'

LOL...Priorities of the young at heart, glad he has a friend already


RUTH said...

Can't get iinto your link but glad whatever it was made you smile.
I'm not saying that the customer service in my bank is bad, but when I went in the other day and asked the clerk to check my balance ... she leaned over and pushed me.
You gotta laugh!

Audrey said...

LOL, Ruth did ya teller off...oh

I must admit this links thing has me flummoxed, not computer savvy at all :)

Dan said...

Hi Audrey! Wow! Thanks for linking to my post! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately you are actually linking here to http:/// which goes nowhere. Here is the link for the exact post if you'd like it:

RUTH said...

Got into Dan's post...hilarious...I hope your keeping a notebook Auds of handy hints and tips for when you make your trip! I wonder if the b*llsh*t you've had from the bank will work as well on hyenas!
Now did Pat mean he had girl's number or did he mean he had a number of girls...LOL

Audrey said...

Your post was so well written Dan I felt as if I was there, grew up in the heart of the country, so often experieced moments like this during long walks home in the dark, thankfully the eyes usually belonged to wide eyed cows..The pictures are superb...sadly still cant get the link to work...doh!!

Audrey said...


So pleased you managed to read Dan's post, I too thought it was hilarious

Happy Sunday xx Auds

tom said...

I hate banks corporations, government and never put their needs over my have to fix that link so we can all laugh together! (-:

Mousie said...

here I am...very nice place here, and God Audrey you're so beautiful on that picture...
bank...still haven't finished with our problems...but that's life...
had quite a good laugh with the hyena from Dan!!!
have a nice day darling
Peaceful Mousie

Gledwood said...

Hey you know Ruth and Dan ... wow, small world. Banks are all bastards. Just in case I didn't say that before.

Hope you had a pleasant weekend!!

All the best


Audrey said...

Tom thanks for your visit, Family first everytime for me too..have tried with the link but still got the L plates on looks ok but just doesnt work????? p.s Your posts had me laughing as well :) Is it ok if I link you too its so good to laugh, enjoy your writing

Audrey said...

A lovely day to you too darling peaceful..Thanks for your lovely compliment its the focus I the character lines) Hope all is well, keeping you in my heart xx Auds

Audrey said...

Gleds LOL such passion, I'd say most institutions and big faceless organisations leave me feeling that way about them, they can make people feel so helpless and unimportant at times...WELL WE ARE NOT!!! We all matter

Working all weekend,but good to be busy, so much rain..ughh

Hope yours was good too..

Icarus said...

Dearest Auds,

This is probably the first comment I've made in a blog in the past 3 weeks. I can't say anything about your bank story, that comes straight from Kafka - which is the best way of describing everyday life in Portugal: Kafkaesque. Can't, because I just can't handle it. I'm sick & tired of organisations. I'm returning to my natural state of humanitarian anarchist.
Yes, folks, you heard it here first!!
Big hugs, big kisses, big hugs, big wishes, specially for a big bloody bank account, so that you can both get on a plane & come & rescue me!

Instead, I wanted to tell you that I popped in the old one this morning & was surprised to see that your were moving to here. Different environment altogether! First, after reading Pat's message from Crazy Caracas, I thought you should reply to him: "Don't Hurry, Be Happy!".
Second: What a brilliant title for the blog. I just wish I could find a way to work on that cedilla, but if you don't have a keyboard with any alternative for other languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese?), then it will have to be "Forca".
I guess you could put a banner at the top that says "Pronounce it "Forssa!"
Also, it is a bit difficult to read against the black background.

I just wnated you to know that I had been around and mostly, thanks for the continued huggies.

Audrey said...

Stewart!!!!!!you have been so much in my thoughts of late,and especially tonight. I liken your visit to a wish answeredxxxAuds

'It is our heartache as much as our happiness that makes family or a marriage or a friendship'. I dont know who wrote this but I believe it to be true xx

Icarus said...

I return to say first, I'm smiling a lot right at this minute. I hope that will give you pleasure, and think it will.
But more, whoever said that put a vital truth into plain words. Take out one of those'H's; now, can you imagine half a family, marriage, otr friendship. All or nothing, no cherry-picking (which the banks & their pals are too good at). Sincere & open, the crying like the laughing.
Like I've told you before, I know who I can count on. And want to.
Bless you with a sweet, peaceful night,

AintNeverScared said...

I just cut-and-pasted the link and it worked! So, thanks to Dan and Audrey for the laughs :D I had the WORST day, and I could use them today. Ugh.

Audrey said...

Would that be Heartace Stewart

A peaceful and restful night to you too x Auds( happily smiling)

Audrey said...

intneverscared its so good to laugh isnt it at least once a day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day :) Auds

Dot said...

Great work.