Monday, 4 June 2007


Well its been almost, but not quite a week since Pats arrival home, safe and sound, I could relax...PHEW!!! thought I.

Having said that he has just this evening arrived back from a cousins wedding in Ireland...

Well, to be factual it was a wedding reception without the wedding as the bride called off 3 days prior to the actual day of the union..I have to add I admire her for making a very brave decision, but also acknowledge it will have caused a great deal of heartache and problems for both families.

Anyway the reception went ahead for the grooms family which is enormous, Pats father is one of 15 children and all their accompanying children can make for quite a gathering. A good time was had by all despite the cancellation, and Patrick enjoyed his weekend away.

Today it was he who was making his way down the stairs, me the one coming through the door having just finished work. 'Was that a limp' thought I....or has the dog done a doo doo on the carpet, not that she does, but one never knows....

Sure enough it was a limp.

He told me he had hurt his leg fooling around, the I banged into a door story ( good as any ) then procedes to show me his leg, ( its the first time Ive seen his legs in years I think). To my shock and horror his left knee is swollen to the size of a football and he can neither straighten nor bend it.

So tommorrow I take the wounded soldier up to casualty..

Thats life...........LOL

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