Thursday, 5 July 2007

Back to basics

I spent the best part of the day in the garden today. The grass had grown past the stage where I could in all honesty hold my head up high and look the neighbours in the eye and smile and say hello. Honey the dog would go for a riddle me ree and get lost for hours trying to find her way out.

However with 3 days annual leave and more importantly no rain, today was challenge the lawn mower and strimmer day. The strimmer gave up the ghost after five minutes, the grass was so wet it burnt the engine out and given that this particular strimmer belongs to my partner I thought it wise not to attempt using his mower.

Faced with the fact I have never fully replaced all my gardening tools since I left my marraige, I scoured the shed for something that would cut the grass down a little before luck.........however in the kitchen I found my red kitchen scissors and for the next few hours proceeded to give the grass what felt like a haircut with these.....Dedication and commitment against the odds...I now have a lawn to die for, and looking at the neighbours with one eyebrow raised and head in the air.....But tommorrow I buy a new strimmer...definitely

On the travelling son front my boy tells me he has moved on to Jakera lodges at Playa Colorado, his days are spent canoing round the islands,one of the islanders very kindly lets him have use of his boat. He gets up in the mornings, takes off to swim with the dolpins, gets a skin slough from some fish that apparently feed on the dead skin cells of humans, knocks down a few coconuts for lunch and generally just enjoying the relaxation...I spoke with him online the other night when he had travelled an hour by bus to get to a computer to say he was fine.

He actually got a call on his mobile from work connected with the terrorist activities of late, so part of me is glad he decided to travel and get away for a well earned break, Im sure he needs it

Later in the day I got a call from my daughter in London to say there had been a bomb alert in her place of work and they all had to be evacuated, scary stuff, but she ended the conversation by saying she had been to a party at Kensington Palace, something associated with film and had been served free scallops and champangne, in her own words she got rather drunk and behaved as any commoner would on such occassions..its good to know she still has her sense of humour in tact despite the atmosphere of fear thats around at the moment

Tommorrow Im going to visit my Grandson who I believe has now found his feet and taken his first steps to independence and exploration. He has big fat turkey thighs, I cant wait to see those in action and of course get a big cuddle and kiss

In the meantime if anyone wants to hire a gardener, my scissors are still sharp and at £20 an hour its a snip


RUTH said...

"it's a snip"...LOL
I've no lawn at all so afraid you're out of a job here. Glad to hear Pat is having such a great time. Swimming with dolphins!
The bomb alerts are so worrying, I worry about Leanne in a garrison town; but good to hear your daughter had the sense to take up the free champagne!!
A hug to your Grandson from Blogauntie Ruth..they are so adorable when they are starting to fact grandchildren are just permanently adorable!

Dan said...

Audrey, I wish you lived closer. I would seriously hire you to clean my mum's backyard. Since dad died just before Christmas, it's become quite overgrown and we haven't been able to find someone willing to do it. :(

Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Rodrigo said...
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Gledwood said...

Hi Audrey how's it going. Hope you're having a pukka weekend... I'm updating my links and you're there now under best blogs vi so congratulations ... sorry this took such ages to do ... my links had got in disarray all outdated etc. Rather than deleting anything (too complicated to figure out WHAT to delete) I'm just adding as per usual! OK all the best 2u

"vol 2" ...

Gledwood said...

Hi Audrey
I've been nominated (again!) for a thinking blogger award and have listed you as one of my five nominees ... if you come to mine you'll get the idea. The Thinking Blogger Awards link is up there also

Icarus said...

Auds, putting you wise on the weird appearance of a geezer here a couple of days ago. You know I am able tomake sense of what it, recommendation (without going into detail here, & I'm being deliberately cryptic)- get rid of it. And don't be tempted to look into it further. It's come from a long way away, not where I am.
Right, apart from that....well-posted!!!

Leanne said...

many years ago i to trimmed the lawn with a pair of scissors ,and boy is it hard work!! so i feel for you. ive since bought a pretty good mower and this year have decided to cut my grass religiously every week, before it gets to the knee high sound just like me lol! x

Audrey said...

Ruth, Just to say Cormac enjoyed his blog hug by proxy and so did I..catching up here. Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend xx Auds

Audrey said...

Dan Im in Huston next year if thats any help, will pack my scissors...seriously though it can be so difficult to find companies to do smaller gardens over here, sounds like its much the same where you are.

Hope you manage to find someone soon, it must be difficult for your mom as it will be another reminder of your fathers absence.

Hugs xx Auds

RUTH said...

Auds; I see Gleds has nominated you for an award....well you've a Schmoozers Award to collect on my blog!

Audrey said...

Gledwood thanks for the award and for adding my link, I genuinely feel honoured by both. It may take some time for me to fathom how to display and link to five others but I will eventually..Thinking of you x Auds

Audrey said...

STEWART!!!(((Hugs and welcome back))) and right thankfully Im only bi-lingual in english and scottish and babelfish didnt cope too well with the

Hope you had a lovely weekend xx Auds

Audrey said...

Leanne, your comment made me laugh out loud and also made me feel sane again, your a girl after me own heart....LOL.

Ive promised not to let it get that long again, however the weather and work sometimes conspire and before I know it its in full bloom again..

I feel an attack of paving slabs coming on, but I so love the green of the grass I can never bring myself to get rid of it...xx Auds