Monday, 9 July 2007

Surprises galore

Phew!!! what a weekend its been, surprises galore of the best possible kinds.

First of all I must thank Gledwood for nominating me for a thinking blogger award, this came as a lovely surprise and much welcome given I had been at the doctors that day thinking I was perhaps suffering some kind of virus only to be told it could very well be the big M.. I constantly forget things these days, headaches, so tired and feeling old and unusually irritable, things that I would normally let whizz over my head now get stuck in the beehive hair do...Most days I feel incapable of reasonable thought so THANK YOU!!! Gledwood you made an old woman very happy today.

To further add to my sense of confusion I came downstairs Friday at 11.30pm to come face to face with my daughter Laura who normally resides in London, beaming like a Chesire cat. At first I thought she was a mirage, but no she was really there, a surprise visit..I was delighted.

Rita was also staying for the weekend, so when it came time for bed and girls were cleansing and cleaning as girls do, they as usual, found their way into my bedroom, then one by one into my bed where the normal chit chat of memories, future plans and desires were laid out amid the duvet and laughter. Connor my grandson was snoring happily in the middle of all this.

Sleep came with the dawn of a new day, I so love these moments...precious.

Its been a busy weekend and with work on Sunday into Monday Ive not had access to my computer. On my arrival home today I logged on to read and catch up, and reading my e.mails found one from a very very special friend who moved to Huston last year, Oh how I miss her..

Her mail said to prepare for her arrival on the 19th as she is coming over to visit. I am so happy it really made my day, and serendipity works her magic again as I had already booked some annual leave for most of the 10 days she will be over...Whooopee..

Finally paying visits round my blogfriends I find that Ruth has also nominated me for another award...its all toooo much lol Im a sczmoozer.....Thank you Ruth Im delighted..

Now!!!( serious voice ) I really need to learn how to link, get some HRT and prepare for some more chats long into the night :)


tom said...

A real schmooozer ay!! Sounds like you run into a bit of luck, well deserved I'm sure.

RUTH said...

Oh the big M!!! Mine came and went sometime over the last year...I guess I was so busy I never noticed it till I thought about it! My Docs not an HRT giver anyway....did ask him a few years ago when the night sweats began.
I'm so glad some nice surprises (and serendipity) have come your deserve the best that life can give you.

Audrey said...

Just multi tasking Tom, Im just a part time schmoozer, honestly :)

Audrey said...

Thanks Ruth X

My GP isnt an HRT giver either:( Just hoping it passes and I feel a little more energetic before I take my trip, want to be fit enough to run away from the snakes, insects and hyennas

RUTH said...

Don't worry Auds; if they start chasing you the adrenalin will kick in and you'll be surprised how fast you can run! :o)

Icarus said...

Morning Auds! Just made a stop for breakfast, half-way up Mount Work again. Was drawn to check (not drawing a cheque....) and was rewarded to read so much positive. I believe that good that comes to our friends & loved ones can actually rub off and make us for whom times are hard feel better. While the opposite produces the opposite knock-on effect. So I'm sharing your 'up'. And I'd give you every worthwhile award going, for sure.
One last remark: Your playlist - we must have had some long psychic crossings to dig Neil Young going back 40 years. And that question mark on band 3: It is one of Dylan's all-time platinums, 'My Back Pages'!!! Must be all of 43 yrs old too. This version I am sure is from the Dylan 50th birthday concert finale, at which everyone except the Duke of Edinburgh sang a verse. I love that song.
For�a for the route on & up!

Audrey said...

LOL Ruth, yes I should imagine I would break a few records too..

Audrey said...

Stewart Hi,

Its just as you say re sharing the ups and downs and thats exactly what makes this particular friend so very special, we always shared both..

The Dylan song could well come from his 50th birthday finale..its one I love too especially that line 'I was so much older then Im younger than that now' it always reminds me of when I was a young thang who thought she knew it all, but with age comes the wisdom of exactly how little I knew, still the heart is Great song, great mixture....Yes!!! on and up xx Auds

Chris said...

Hi! Sorry to comment, but the HRT bit has caught my eye :-) Think about trying Black Cohosh, a herbal remedy, first. It has worked for me :-) no more disturbed sleep and a lot calmer during the day :-)