Monday, 16 July 2007

Dancing in the kitchen

No time for a proper post today so I will leave you with this blast from the past that always and I mean always gets me dancing no matter what...Thats why I ran out of time to post :)


RUTH said...

Nice one Auds; absolutely everybody will be dancing now!...oh no it's cut off....gonna have to jig to my cd collection now and find it.....:o)

Icarus said...

Yeah, too short! Wasn't time to kick off the shoes B4 it had finished. Auds, another award: Blogger Disco Queen!!!

And PS, I owe you, I know!

Audrey said...

Ruth, Stewart Oh no lol This has been playing all morning on my computer, full length version, it doesnt even appear on Alans computer let alone play the 30 second intro that you appear to be hearing Lol.....Oh dear (scratches head, looks all forlon) Am I dancing on my own then xxx lots of love Auds

RUTH said...

Don't worry Auds...owt's better than nowt :o)...besides not sure I've the energy for more than a 30 second