Monday, 16 July 2007

Long shorts or short longs; You decide

Such a busy day in Grandma's garden.

This was the first time I had seen Cormac walk, he didnt sit down all day those little legs were quite weary by the time it came to say goodnight.

Did everyone hear Rita's offer to do my garden for me...YES!!!LOL


RUTH said...

Wow he looks really confident on his feet :o) and YES I heard that offer of a garden!

Chris said...

Precious moments, how lovely to have them to keep :-)

Icarus said...

Once again, I wanted more....much more. It was such a great leap forward, into the domain of movement, voices, ACCENTS!!! Superb, after all this time of thousands of silent, articulate, sensitive written words, how wonderful to hear voices. Now, if you haven't got one already, get a 1GB memory card and film for an hour. I've already done it, but can't find the way to post them beyond the Picasa archive.
And sweet too!

Audrey said...

A lot of falling over too Ruth but hes a wee toughie and oh so determined lol

Audrey said...

Yes Chris precious moments indeed it will be nice to show him this in years to come :)

Audrey said...

lol Stewart the silence is broken, this was taken with my digital camera on impulse...struggle to work that out let alone a full hours filming lol still its something to think about for the future, worth experimenting.

As for the accents they are a strange blend, cumbrian, scottish, touch of liverpudlian at times, some people think Im Irish at times lol