Thursday, 26 July 2007

Keeping track

Patrick has been in touch a few times since his departure, at the moment he is on a 3 day ferry trip down the Amazon to a place called Belem. I have to admit Im a bit confused as I had thought he had already made it to there given he has undertaken an 18 hour bus trip and then an 11 hour bus trip a few days later. I havent been able to find a map that shows the smaller towns. The last place he was in was a small town called Manaus and prior to that a place called St Elena

I have managed however to find pictures of the places he will visit, below...Belem

From Belem to Recife

Apparently they call this the Venice of Brazil, I would love to see this for myself,its beautiful

Then onto Salvador-de-bahia

He really is enjoying every minute of his travel and would of course love to have more time as he feels there is so much more he would love to see. He is speaking of returning to Caracas with a view to buying a property and doing the tours himself.

I was surprised when he said he has just over a year to complete his four years initial sign up for the Marines and is giving serious consideration to doing this in the future. If he stays for over five years he will qualify for a bonus and feels this will give him enough time to consider the possibilities and build the contacts he would need

The owner of lodges where he initially stayed was a young scottish guy who took the plunge when he fell in love with the country and he and Patrick have exchanged e.mails and intend to keep in touch. Whatever his future plans Im sure Patrick needed this trip to put some distance between his experience of serving in trouble torn Iraq.

My thoughts and prayers are with the men out there now and with their families at home who live with the daily anxiety, longing for them to come home safely.


RUTH said...

Those buildings look so colourful; it certainly looks a wonderful place. I'm glad Pat is enjoying his trip and has managed to keep in touch with you. Like you I feel for the troops still in Iraq (and all over the world)I'm sure many of them have families affected by the many worries all round.

Joy said...

I thought at first they were photos of Copenhagen because they looked exactly like the ones I just saw a week ago!

Traveling to a beautiful place where serenity and love exist more than hate and chaos can heal a person's spirit. So I'll be sending you and Patrick some white light.

The Goddess In You

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

This post reminds me of when me and daddy lived in Ecuador....