Wednesday, 11 July 2007


I was really pleased with this picture of Connor my eldest grandson and his aunty lu, It just seems like yesterday he was the baby of the family..When his mum brought him up to Scotland after his birth, we laid his baby basket outside the door, rung the doorbell and hid...Rita on opening the door, squeeled with excitement ITS A BABY!!ITS A BABY..and proceeded to pick him out of his basket, much to his mums dismay, fearing she might drop him in her excitement..One of those memories we all laugh about to this day.

I quickly took this shot before Laura headed back to London, reading honeys expression its almost as if she is saying PLEASE STAY.. Not quite sure what Cormacs expression says however


RUTH said...

Lovely photos. Laura is such a beautiful woman...her looks from her Mum no doubt! Connor has the same expression I see on Phil's (eldest grandson) face; I think it reads "OMG not all this smoochy stuff!". Love the story of baby on the doorstep, I'm sure that will be passed down through the years.
Hope the rest of the family is well; how long is Pat away for? It won't be long before you friend arrives from Huston. You must be getting excited! Make sure your cameras charged...we want to see lots of photos!

Mousie said...

oh dear, such beautiful children...I know beauty isn't the most in life, but their souls look just as beautiful...
a bit like grandma??????
love from Peaceful

Icarus said...

Auds, I really liked all of the content too. Have to echo R & M above. I was thinking just that. One one hand, more beauties from your beautiful family (your side, I take it!), but more important, everyone honestly radiates what is on the interior, like Mousie says.
If that reflects such a reality, than OMG, you have every right to feel that you are a central part of one very special family. That in itself is much more worth a Royal gong than being a sports or music personality, or a rich business friend of a prime minister. It's made me feel good this morning. So, mega-thanks & love

Leanne said...

what lovely photo's. its amazing how time flies, my son has just left school although i remember so clearly the day he was born. the dog is sooo cute!! x