Thursday, 19 July 2007

There isnt a mountain too high

The day I waited for has come and gone and it was OK. I arrived at court hoping the first person I would see would be my solicitor, unfortunately it had to be my husband, we politely exchanged good mornings, he sat down and within minutes launched into taunting and goading, I took my leave and waited upstairs until my solicitor came.

An hour later having sat through other cases, we were told to wait outside for a hearing in the family court, again he took the opportunity to try a little intimidation, this time in front of some poor unsuspecting gentleman who didnt know where to look. I said nothing and went and found my solicitor to request he find me somewhere else to wait, which he did and waited with me.

When the time came it was over in a minute, a date was set for the 20th of September and that should hopefully be it.

I had forgotten what it was like to be treated like this and was quite surprised at my inability to stop shaking and annoyed that his behaviour can still have this affect on me.

It got me thinking later on, how on earth did I cope all those years, which led me to thinking about my faith, which seems dissappated in some sense, but realise it feels like that only because I no longer attend church and in some sense miss the positive involvement I had all those years ago, visiting the sick and housebound and being a special minister.

I was fortunate as at the time we had quite a radical priest who managed to make going to church and all other related activities a happy, fun filled experience, and Im sure this got me through and gave my life a sense of some balance.

The following posts I found on Youtube made me smile. Whoopie Goldberg here I come!! I just adore all that positive energy she exudes in this song...Oh Yeah!!!


RUTH said...

Hi Auds; well done on making it through such a difficult day. I know the traumatic effects of the "ex" with their goading and taunting and can't believe he had the gall to even speak to you at the court. As much as I don't want the Summer (when we get it!)to roll by I hope that time passes quickly for you so that 20th September will be a day in the past and you can finally look towards your new horizons.

Chris said...

I am sorry you are having such a difficult time but its great that you can still smile and find videos like these. I love the clips with the nun dropping her photos, brilliant. The looks on the people's faces as they realise what they are is just so funny. LOL. Good luck for the future!

Dan said...

Audrey, you're way to sweet to have to deal with this crap. You don't deserve it. But I'm very glad you're out of this terrible situation. Hugs and kisses to you.

Audrey said...

Lol Ruth I dont want the summer to roll by either, it would be nice if it came though..Eight weeks is nothing in comparison to eight years...Almost there xxx Auds

Audrey said...

Chris, thankyou for your lovely comment, everything passes as they say and laughter is definitely the best medicine, I loved the expressions on the peoples faces too lol xx Auds

Audrey said...

Dan, Thanks, eyes forward, head up and slowly but surely heading for Africa and those