Friday, 31 August 2007

Eight random things about me

Seems like ages ago I was tagged by GLEDWOOD2 finally got round to doing this one, but what to say????

1. I was born and raised in remote countryside in the North east of Scotland, although it was quite isolating in some ways in childhood, as an adult I appreciate its left me with a deep love of nature and with a need for green and open space and priveledged to have experience the freedom and safety that country living brought.

2. Im a woman, stating the obvious I know, but for me its something I value deeply. I loved each and every one of pregnancies and that first touch of baby skin, that first cry, that first look into my babies eyes.........stop!!! Ive gone all broody hen

3. I had my sixth baby at home, tough old bird lol, no gas and air, no pain relief, just me, my bath, my baby and the night...The midwife just made it with minutes to spare...peaceful and very memorable

4. I have always felt as if I missed out on my education, its always been a bug bear with me, and something I struggle with regarding the importance of it, having made it this far, but feel its never too late and would like to wear the black gown and cap one day,something about reaching my full potential.

5. Ive been to Germany, Rome,Paris,Dublin as a tourist and will visit Huston next year to visit my friend, but my dream is to go to Africa and experience the wild, visit a tribal village and work in an orphanage, I hope to fulfill this dream in 2008

6. I lived in England for over 20 years, two of my children were born in Scotland, five born in England, thankfully none of them are football fanatics, so no arguements about who has the best team...:)

7. I love dancing always a great pick me up :) I love music, I love rythmn. I joined a drumming group some years ago. I have an interest in native Indian tradition and can fully understand the power of drumming circles. Im interested in lots of alternative therapies, old traditions.....just love exploring.

8. I trained as a lay minister in the catholic church, after converting and became a special minister, church reader.. Although Im not too keen on organised religion, dogma etc this was a formative time for me as I met some wonderful people going through difficult times and quite simply they changed me..


Im meant to nominate eight others to do this..but dont know eight.. so if your reading this YOUR TAGGED.

You Are: 80% Dog, 20% Cat

You and dogs definitely have a lot in common.

You're both goofy, happy, and content with the small things in life.

However, you're definitely not as needy as the average dog. You need your down time occasionally.


rems said...

hey, i want to do the tag, lol, though it is my first time in your place and we've not been knew each other. But i guess this would be the first step for me to keep on coming here.

AintNeverScared said...

Ha!! I love love love this one! Why is it that the facts about you, although I did not previously know them specifically, did not suprise me in the least?! I find you SO easy to relate to, woman to woman. I am really glad that we are bloggie friends. I love to dance too! And am definitely into exploring, especially in the spiritual sense. I am so interested in your experiences. Your life has given you an education far beyond whatever schooling you missed would have given you, I'm quite sure. I completed 4 years of university, but I doubt I've lived or learned a quarter of what you have.

I'm tagged. I'll do mine soon! :)

RUTH said...

An interesting 8 Auds. 2 & 3 made me feel broody. I really hope next year you do get to's been calling you for a long time I know.
I was 70% dog and 30% cat; saves me getting a pet...LOL

Mousie/Paisible said...

i loved the way you talk about giving much like what i felt 27 years ago...only regret i only had one child...but it was so so extraordinary...beautiful
thanks dear
love from peaceful

Mousie/Paisible said...

don't forget i always here:
goodnight kiss

Audrey said...

Thanks for your visit Rems, and so pleased your doing the tag...I will visit soon x Auds

Audrey said...

Aintneverscared, thanks for your lovely comment. I have been lurking but not left a comment yet as I feel there is just so much I want to much of what you write I can relate to and I love your spirit.. Your eight randoms about yourself are wonderful..will visit again soon. In the meantime...Celebrate who you are xx Auds

Audrey said...

LOL Ruth isnt it amazing we can still get broody..I had to check myself as I wrote 2&3 as I could have got so carried away on the feelings they brought

Thought.hmmmmmm..Older women than me are still giving birth..NO!!! Stop that thought Auds

Audrey said...

Oh Mousie, it is as you say so extraordinarily beautiful, each one a unique and special miracle.

Ive just spent a lovely evening in Plumpiemouse village, thankyou for your wonderful gifts. Much love and hugs to you xx Auds

Gledwood said...

Can you remember that guy Cameron from Big Brother... he was from the remote Higher-than-Highlands... Orkney ? Wasn't it? His accent was positively Norwegian.. I heard they never spoke Gallic up there and the Norwegian accent harks back to the Vikings... do you speak any Gallic or Gaelic (am I spelling it right?)

As for the education... surely it is much easier in today's internet online world to do OU online? Or maybe there are other colleges....

I always wanted to do a degree (for fun purely) in German but IN GERMAN if I can ever learn to speak it well enough to write the essays in that language... I was thinking if there's a German version of the OU I'd do it through there... also it would be fascinating to do English literature I would love to do that... or better still a course in WORLD literature I don't see why a question of language should bar me from Tolstoy Dostoyevsky Gogol Pushkin Chekhov they are great writers

but a bit heavy sometimes

sorry am i babbling

hope u r having a nice weekend and not boiling too much

seems to be really humid down here, don't know why ...

Anonymous said...

Dear Diamond,

Surprise! Peaceful wrote to me and left me your link so here I am for a visit.

I miss you on the mountain, sister! Still, I will trust you are exactly where you are meant to be. Visiting you this evening (while you are asleep) has given me many smiles and warm thoughts of you.

With love,
Prairie Star
who tucks her sister in before whispering good-night and tippy-toeing softly out the door....

Audrey said...

Lol Gleds, Yes I remember the guy called Cameron, unforgettable, I think since winning Big Brother he has appeared in just about every christmas panto there has been here in Aberdeen,plus attending openings etc, so he is still in the public eye up here.

I dont speak Gaellic other than a few swear words a friend who did taught me some years ago. Yes scottish language is definitely very influenced by the nordic,(kirk, flitt meaning to move etc etc)

Your right about the OU and have looked at some of their degree course, English literature and Humanities just a couple of those that interest me, however I dont know if working on my own with just telephone support from a tutor and a few summer schools would be enough to get me through..However dont know until I try.

The idea of doing a degree in German (in German) is challenging indeed, but somehow I think you would do

Enjoy the rest of you weekend too x Auds

Audrey said...

Prairie Star, and what a delightful surprise this is (BIG HUGS) You often pop into my mind and are always in my heart, I miss you too and your lovely gentle qualities. Just a little more time and I should be free of the flunk..will e.mail to celebrate with you. My son is home safe and sound I know you will be delighted.
Love, light and laughter to you always dearest one XXX Diamond

Audrey said...

P.S Gleds, I was quoting your comment you left in your comment to JD...sorry :) It struck me.... a very powerful metaphor