Monday, 3 September 2007


Never let it be said that Im being negative, oh no!!!! Im just moving clouds tonight, tommorrow I will try mountains

Work has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, but chin up there is a cloud to every silver lining....sorry a silver lining in every cloud...I think???

For the past few weeks managers have been doing spot checks during our shifts at work to ensure we have our nose to the grindstone and working dilligently for every penny we get, so much reorganisation, so many new local policies and having to evidence what we do during our cancelled time with clients.

Most of this has come as a result of very poor team dynamics, caused by team members being focussed on others not so perfect work practice rather than looking at their own and moaning to management, choosing to ignore their own part in the whole sorry affair. Gosh this is a whine if ever I wrote one.

However the silver lining in the cloud is perhaps the fact that the moaners and complainers have brought attention to, not only their colleuges lack of perfection, but to their own too. In the meantime the core part of the team who steer clear of the drama are now struggling to keep motivated. Im one of them!!!

Furor has raised its ugly head amongst some as one of the worst culprits has been awarded the opportunity to do day release at college,paid for by the organisation, so he can gain a certificate and also ensure he wont leave as he was threatening to do so. War has been declared..However this guy I feel doesnt want advancement and further responsibility, he just gets a kick out of moaning and drama, its there in all aspects of his life, hes an OK guy but just loves to moan. problem.

Im smiling as some are so red in the face with the injustice of it all, ignoring his reluctance to accept the course initially..He now has full time work, fitting in a college placement and 3,ooo word essays etc etc. He was complaining before, I dread to think what he will be like when the course actually begins to become an added extra that he hadnt counted on.. Well at least he was

To add to the day I heard that my son was assaulted on Saturday night, unprovoked, and left with a broken jaw and some very sore looking cuts to his forehead requiring stiches, acquired when he landed face down on the pavement,having been hit.

Thankfully he is ok, other than concussion, and the possibility of an operation if needed on his jaw, he will find out on Friday.

What hit home was the fact that he didnt say anything, being my eldest and independant for many years now, he didnt feel the need to ring me and bother me with it...and somehow even as his mother that felt OK.

I did however go round and see him tonight, offering to bring chicken soup for his soul telling him I wasnt sure if it worked for broken jaws too, but hey!!!! worth a try. The police are apparently scanning cctv footage to try and identify his assailant.

Focussing on the here and now, life is too short to be making dramas out of crisis. Everything has its time and passes and I feel a little more confident given direction care in the community appears to be taking that its time for me to consider applying my skills in a more productive way, but what and where at this time...I DONT KNOW!!!

Finally is it just an old wives tale that says its good luck if a bird s**ts on your head, nothing should prevent you looking to the stars, well thats what I believe anyways..



RUTH said...

I really read this on the wrong day (in 8 hours time I go to the meeting which lets me know what the Course entails) the words "3,000 word essay" jumped out and bit me on the nose before I could read anything else!
Manda and Lynn have totally different careers but each of them have the same complaint as you...reorganisation, new policies and reams of silly time management paperwork that takes time away from the job they're trying to do! No doubt some of your co-workers are finding faults in the others as a way to hide from their own's not only children who have the playground outlook of "It wasn't me it was him, Miss". I hope you manage to keep your head down and rise above it all......Hmmmm slight paradox there :o)
I hope your son recovers quickly...I'm sure the chicken soup helped....isn't it sad that my first reaction was "Thank goodness it wasn't worse" rather than "What a terrible thing to happen"......with all the stories of shootings and stabbings in the news lately...well you know what I mean. I hope the police do catch the person who did it...whether justice will be done if they do I don't know.
Anyway chin up Auds and look on the bright least elephants don't fly!
Happy Stargazing

Audrey said...

Ruth, words for you today

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. -----Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh Bear.

You write everyday so naturally, excellent practice for essay writing, Its amazing how it all comes looking forward to reading about it.

My first thoughts were exactly the same as yours,Im glad they were my first thoughts, he is a little sore but Ok and thats all that matters at the end of the day.

LOL Got lots to be thankful for and I will definitely be adding the elephants dont fly to my list, that made me laugh out loud

Thinking of you xxxx Auds

Dan said...

I'm sure glad you son is doing OK. That's scary stuff ... and it puts everything else in perspective, doesn't it?

You are such a caring mom for wanting to make him chicken soup. You rock!

Icarus said...

Let's just call it a window of opportunity, opened by Mariza, Cristina & Palma, after just finally loading all those tracks into my MP3. It is the best I have ever heard them, this way, shuffled between the 3 albums. Wow!
Yesterday marked one year since the death of Leonor, which was the end of the mission that brought meon this one-way mission. and you & Ruth appeared. It was wonderful. I don't know where you found that fado, but it read pretty well.
Saudades. First, we need to have our emotions alive, rather than as sadly blunted asmine have been this past month. But let's celebrate the fact that I am here now, not waste time. Reading of what happened to your son, the appalling mindlessness of such wanton violence reminded me of one of the reasons I live in this country now rather than that. It sickened me to read it, but thankfully it wasn't any worse.
I see Sky News most days, & the UK seems to have truly degenerated into a nighmare of vicious nihilism(although Sky News seems to exist principally to serve up a constant diet of that kind of "Top Story". What for? What agenda?).
I am trying to hang on, but it is now like "Groundhog Day", every day identical. And hot. Not a single outing from VFX.
Cut the slack as soon as you can, Auds. Fly!
With all my love, carinho & gratitude

RUTH said...

Love the quote Auds thanks:o) Good to see Stewart back in our midst too.
Hope it's good news on Friday for your son.

Gledwood said...

your starry photo reminds me of the tune i picked today... you might like the vid i thought it was fantastic

it is called barber's adagio as performed by the choir of trinity college cambridge... totally vocal version as heard many times on classic fm it is fantastic!

Gledwood said...

btw some of those people you work with sound dreadful!

Gledwood said...


what the hell is a Power Bird???

... ok i'm just about to click & find out

Gledwood said...

well i'm still not sure what a powerbird is but i'm the same one as you

did you say you'd eat raw meat? i did!

how did you get nelly furtardo in miniature? did you alter the size parameters yourself?

Audrey said...

Im still laughing re your last post Dan and yes its good to keep a sense of perspective. Not that Im advocating that for my son at right now, not until his jaw heals at least.. rock too :)

Audrey said...

Sense of perspective..yes..its late and here I am correcting

Audrey said...

Ruth Im glad you liked the quote,its one of my favourites, hopefully Nicks jaw will heal naturally and he will be able to return to work next week, but for now its SOUP...

Audrey said...

I found the fado on youtube Stewart, there is a better translation on there but it was harder to copy...its so difficult to define.

Since you introduced me to the delights of Fado, I have done some exploring,Sooooooo much available,to see Mariza sing without a microphone,her voice so clear,powerful. Im also enjoying Dulce Pontes amongst all the others.

I celebrate you both here and at the 'Flames of Eden', close my eyes and remember the pheonix, and then fly..

Always near xxx Auds

Audrey said...

Gleds not so much the people I work with are dreadful, more just a case of ego clashes,boring to watch and uninspiring

As for the powerbird, perhaps that could be the pheonix, seems relevant, something about rising from the ashes and going on to reach ones full potential, write that book, your very expressive!! Im No I dont think I ticked the raw meat question..UGHH!!!lol

I altered the size parameters by halving them so they would fit in the side bar, but still cant add frustrating.

AintNeverScared said...

I don't know whether it's an old wives tale, but I like the sound of it, so I'm gonna use it too! I love the starry picture; it reminds me of the book I'm now reading by Carl Sagan. Not that you're interested but it's a newer one called Varieties of Scientific Experience, and it's all about the search for meaning vs. God vs. nature. It's pretty cool.

I know just what you're saying about work. It sounds much the same as the clashes at mine. The spot checks and all, ugh. God forbid you take a breather or anything like that.

AintNeverScared said...

P.S....A coupla things. That is awful about your son. How did that happen to him? I thought WE were the violent country.

On a lighter note, the bird I got was the DOVE. Auds, it's eerily correct. Maybe I should get a dove for a pet.

Audrey said...

ans, Ive heard the name Carl Sagan,but never read any of his books, it sounds really interesting, you must let me know if its a good read.

As for my son, he made the mistake of asking a guy who was verbally aggressive to female friends in his company 'what his problem was' by the sounds of it a volcano waiting for a place to erupt. He now realises he should have said nothing and let him go on his merry or not so merry way. Live and learn.

Typical night on the streets of Aberdeen on a weekend sadly, but this is the first time any of mine have been hurt whilst out.

The Dove, how lovely, the symbol of peace..must visit xxx Auds

Icarus said...

Dear Auds, whatevcr happened to my "window of opportunity" comment posted last night? Did you actually see it? I wrote that I was enabled to do it by having loaded all those CDs onto my MP3, in which they sound even better, particularly all shuffled among the 3 singers.
And saying how sickened I was to read about your son, even though it could have produced far worse consequences.
And my thanks and love and carinho for wading through my opus magnum about my visit to the neolithic past, and the clash with 9/11.
I hope this sticks this time. Almost as bad as losing my post last month.
All the very best,


Icarus said...

PS - So you DO know Viktor Frankl!!
I guessed as much. Where there's a "Why", there's a "How"!

Gledwood said...

right i managed to install kylie minogue in my sidebar... all i had to do was alter the height parameter to 200 the SECOND time it is mentioned...

altering any other parameters in any other places made no difference at all; though i've no idea why...

Gledwood said...

have a go on my poll it is brand new today!

AintNeverScared said...

Hey Aud,
Thank you for your comment about my running with the wolves and such...the reference is very flattering. I have read the book of course and really admire it and try to study its ideas (for lack of a better word). I'm honored to be part of that all-girls club!