Wednesday, 15 August 2007





Patrick arrived home tonight, animated, relaxed and happy. Before heading out to meet up with his friends, he handed me the camera we bought between us just prior to his tour of duty in Iraq.

I smiled as I held it in my hand, the sheen gone, the cover worn and a tad battered, well travelled in other words. He gave me the OK to share his pictures on my blog.
On the disk were pictures taken whilst in Iraq, very different landscape to that of South America, but it has its own beauty.
I love the sunsets and given its the same sun that shines on all of the children in these pictures, I struck by the vast difference in their lives and what the future holds in store for them, their tommorrows.
Im struck by the trust, the curiosity of the Iraqi children, their innocence, and continue to pray that adults with the power will strive to work for peaceful solutions, worldwide.


RUTH said...

Thank you to Pat for allowing us to see these photos. Such beauty masking the pai and conflict suffered beyond the view of the photographs. As well as the sadness of seeing the innocent suffer it pains me when I see how they are often drawn in to a conflict; when I see photos of children with sticks, stones and often guns in their hands as the fight the "enemy?" it makes me shudder.
I'm glad that Pat has arrived home safely; wishing you and ll the family well

Audrey said...

Thanks Ruth, I shudder too, such a stark contrast in the lives of these children.

I was also struck by the young girl in the canoe, my immediate reaction, 'she is not wearing a safety jacket, she must be younger than Connor' Lol amazing!!!

Mousie/Paisible said...

so good to see him home isn't it? your boy is a nice man you know, really nice...his photos are great...thank him...
love to all the family
peaceful mousie

Leanne said...

im so glad your son arrived home safe and sound. lovely photos of brazil! bless your son for all the work he does in trying to make iraq a better place. my ex husband is a soldier and was in iraq during the war so i know how you must of felt with your son being over there x