Friday, 10 August 2007


Love Is Only A Feeling
By The Darkness
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Patrick managed to upload some pictures he had e.mailed to him. We often chat on instant messenger, it makes me smile as nine times out of ten he has been surrounded by the local children who apparently crowd round him in the internet cafe's and just stare as Patrick put it,much like his time spent in Iraq at times surrounded by the natural innocent curiousity of children though very different circumstances. I know Patrick enjoys these moments by the way he tells his stories... the warmth and laughter that comes from observing and interacting with them.

The people by his reports have made his stay memorable and made the many long bus journeys more bearable, one in particular was full of brazillians who had just won a big match over there that Patrick had gone and watched, delighted by the atmosphere.

The pictures include the bassist Frankie from the group the darkness , his brother owned the lodges where Patrick first stayed. The group has now split up, due apparently to bad sales of the last album and unfortunately, drug and mental health problems.

Im wondering where the location was for the shoot on this video, the scenery is astounding, it would be phenomenal to watch the sunrise and set in a place like this I should imagine. The other group photo was taken after a game of football on the beach.

Another is a picture of the Wamori indian village that they stayed in for a few days after cannoing up the Orinnoco. The birds remind me of flamenco's though Im not sure if that is what they are, but would I love to see these with my own eyes in flight int their natural habitat.

Its good to see Patrick look so fit, healthy and relaxed. I know from our conversations he has made many friends and exchanged many e.mail addresses on this trip, I also got the opportunity to speak on the telephone to Nicole who Patrick described as 'awesome', a local girl who took Patrick under her wing for a couple of days in St Elena, the conversation was brief but sweet non the less.

He arrives back in the UK, so much more he will have wanted to see, but a night out with his sisters in London awaits him and return to work the following week. He is unsure as to whether he will go to Norway for his winter training or be sent to Afghanistan, whichever he will have many wonderful memories to dip into now and again.


RUTH said...

I'm glad that even if only via a pc you've managed to stay in contact with Pat. Great photos; I love the flight of the flamingoes?....a shame about the Darkness... such a chance at a great future sadly destroyed in part by drugs. It's when we read and hear things like this that we appreciate how lucky we are that our own children haven't fallen foul of them. "There but the grace". I'm sure you will be worrying where Pat's duties will take him next; it's good that he has had this precious time to escape.

Icarus said...

Isn't it all great? I love it, though I'm not entirely sure which one os Patrick - other than not the one in the headband & glasses :-))
Nicole is an unusual name for a Brasileira, even in a country which can boast the world's strangest first names!
We have to identify that beautiful flock of birds, Auds. I don't believe they are flamingos - too red, although maybe the algae in the river are stronger than in Europe or elsewhere. Have to get the cast of 1000s on to it.
Whatever happens next, it was the best idea he could have had, to take this trip, because it can only do him good and make him even stronger.

Icarus said...

PS: my next CD will just have to be from Brasil now! my mind's already working on it.....

AintNeverScared said...

Wow. It looks like an amazing time, truly the trip of a lifetime. P sounds like someone who really takes life by the horns and lives it to its fullest. Of course, I'm only perceiving based upon your writings about him. But he seems to be having great adventures. What better thing to do at this point in his life? I understand there have been dark times too, but that is definitely meaningful work to be doing in my opinion.

As for you, I hope you are well too!

Mousie/Paisible said...

so nice and comforting for a mother to see her son being well, healthy and smiling , isn't it ?
wish you a very nice week-end sweetheart

Leanne said...

what lovely photo's of your son and his friends.they look like there having a great time! i love the flamingo photo too. x

Dan said...

It sounds like Patrick is making of the situation. You must be so proud! :)

AnalĂ­a said...

First what's first, I'm really happy to hear good things about my nephew Pat! yes yes,my nephew :)
And now, hello my friend! I miss you so much!How are you? It's beea a long time since we chatted in msn, but my pc and my life are a mess. I'm fine anyway but it's not easy to be far from my friends, all of you.
My pc is working again, so I guess I'll see you in the messenger soon.
Hugs and kisses dear Auds. You are always in my heart

Gledwood said...

I thought they were flamingoes too... flamenco=Spanish dance!! Or don't flamingoes live on an acid lake in Africa? Or is that just one place they live? I haven't a clue. I know the ones in Africa only survive courtesy of their stilt-like legs and the fact that their feet are clothed in nature's own rubber-gloves (so to speak) ...

I have a friend with a son who was in Afghanistan... he couldn't wait to get out! He's in the marines and we all think he will end up in the SAS!!!