Wednesday, 19 September 2007


For one reason and another Ive not been making as much blogarounds, It seems like ages!!So much work around the home to catch up on, things I havent done due to lack of time, tiredness and general lack of motivation, however with two weeks annual leave it all seemed like a MUST DO rather than a choice, things had got to that stage....especially the garden.

Ive spent a couple of days weeding, thining beds out and mowing the lawn, got the blisters to prove it and the stiff back, but it was so worth it. Next came the bathroom which had been without floor covering after I flooded the bathroom following an attempt to clear the drain on my bath, that were taking ages to clear of water.

Silly me took the U bend thingy apart and broke the seal, hence the flood which came through the ceiling into the kitchen below...The man who came to do the repair said it could be our secret as I should not have done this apparently..Shhhhhhhhh ( red face ) I shall never make it to plumber status.

However I did manage to lay some rather nice flooring and paint the walls so its all spick and span in there again.

This has all been theraputic in part, its been a great way to deal with the news I got from my solicitor about ten days ago that the court case that was due to go ahead tommorrow has been delayed yet again until November the sixteenth. My husband apparently has a new solicitor and appealed for the delay which was granted.

My solicitor feels this could be favourable to me, the last time we met I found myself barely able to keep it together as Ive not spoken much about the circumstances that led me to leaving, its been eight years and Ive moved on, but speaking about it just seemed to bring it all back.

I think I was surprised that it still hurt so much and could still bring me down, so I started another blog...just to get it all out,stick my tongue out and go blah!!!!! to people who think bullying, manipulation and abdicating responsibility is a great way to build a lasting relationship.... I think Im past caring what happens, other than its all brought to a close in November.

I got home from a couple of days spent with my partner to recieve a belated birthday gift from my son.

This little fella is to replace a little kitten a friend had given me just prior to me leaving my marraige, that came with me through 3 moves and mysteriously disappeared when my husband manipulated me back to the marital home...thats a long story best forgotten.

Let me introduce tsuri..well thats for now until I can think of something else. He/She has the most beautiful markings and is so friendly...Until Honey gets used to a new presence its being kept in the puppy pen......Thankfully Alan is a big softy when it comes to animals so no chance of this little monkey doing a sudden dissappearing act.

I had hoped to pay my daughters in London a visit during this leave but I think that will have to wait for another time as Im back to work.....rather reluctantly I must add....on Monday.

Thought I would try this one out of interest, wonder if I show it to the judge he will take this as conclusive evidence, perhaps of my warped sense of humour if nothing else???

Your Ex is Narcissistic

Your ex thinks they're the most important person in the world and couldn't care less about anyone else.

Your ex definitely has a god complex.

People with narcissistic personality disorder want total power, lack empathy, and are very arrogant.

Sound at all familiar?


RUTH said...

Well you have been busy bet you feel a great sense of achievement. I had wondered how that Spetember date had gone but didn't like to pry. I can't believe you have to go through all that waiting again...gutted for's no wonder your pent up emotions spill out with all the shilly shallying going on. Tsuri looks so sweet; give her a stroke for me and one for Honey too of course.

Gledwood said...

yeah I bet you feel better for having done what has to be...

... what a beautiful baby kitten... reminds me of my Baby Itchy roborovski

Audrey said...

Thanks Ruth, it sure felt good to catch up and have a blitz, I even took some photos of some flowers that have absolutely taken over the garden but they didnt come out too clearly,will have to try again and seek your advice as to how to deal with them...Im

Just sheer frustration regarding the other..hopefully he will have to pay his own costs, so maybe justice will prevail at the end of the day...who knows

In the meantime its fun and games with kitty and dog..getting to know each other...Honey is not too impressed that this alien has invaded her space and getting some of the attention that was all hers at one

I also find it very inspiring to read about your college work and how your finding it....Truly well done xxxx Auds

Audrey said...

Gleds tired but a sense of accomplishment, just need another holiday now.:)

Funnily I thought about your hammys as I watched the kitten doing its curcuit in the kitchen, swooshing up and off chairs, hiding behind the washing machine and fridge, mad half hour, it reminded me of your description of your hamsters pinging here and much fun to watch and yes she is a beautiful little kitten and such a sweet nature and oh so playful...lots of fun

Mousie/Paisible said...

such a gorgeous little sorry about all these problems with your is difficult sometimes, isn't i come tonights to tell you a little story before you go to bed, come along sweetheart...listen to old grandma peaceful
much love from me and me and me

AintNeverScared said...

Whew, I have to sit down just listening to what YOU'VE been up to! Congrats on the precious new kitten, what a sweetie! You know that I adore a sweet, innocent baby cat.

Can I ask an "ignorant American" question? What is a solicitor, and what's that business about?

Gledwood said...

That cat really does remind me of Baby Itchy!

U-bends... just reminded me of when I undid MY U-bend... oh the yukk that came out. Basically a matt of rotting human hair with all manner of sink sewerage festering between. Very unpleasant...

How are you now Audrey long time no see!!!

Gledwood said...

my ex is paranoid
and they gave scant few good reasons in their quiz for the breakup of the relationship
(don't people cheat in blogthings world??)

Gledwood said...

someone's turned the hindi transliterator on somewhere! look to your tags!
(i did that once as well and it turned half my blog into nonsensical devanagari)