Friday, 28 September 2007


On my return to work last Monday, I was greeted with the news that we are to get yet another change of manager. Our manager was replaced recently as the team dynamics were so bad, this was particulary saddening as he was such a genuinely good man, add the fact that he is one of the few managers with real empathy and years of experience of working as a mental health nurse on wards it is sad to see him treated like this.

One or two people within the team are the source of the problem and his replacement having a different approach has managed to stem the flow and change attitudes for the time being, however having had past experience with the manager who is to come soon and one of the sources of the problem now...its definitely time for me to go. I have a meeting next Thursday when hopefully a transfer of service can be arranged and I feel a lot more positive.

Back home, the kitten has been to the vet for its first inspection...she is definitely a she, however as the vet was examining her she let out a Oh!!Gosh!! It appears not only did I inherit a one eyed dog, I have now got a six clawed kitten.

I had thought her paws were rather large when I first saw her and thought she was just going to be a big cat when she grows...but no I have a cat with an extra claw on each of it rear paws and two extra claws on each of its front paws...they look weirdly human as if she has a thumb almost like holding a babies hand, she did give a long name for this but Ive forgotten it...doh!!!

This means when she suddenly pounces on me and climbs up my trouser leg I get scratched for all those extra claws she is furnished with....I mean just how unfair can life get...:)

The dog looks on in sheer disdain at all her antics but does occassionaly try and play with kitty....shes just not sure of how the game goes and kitty definitely comes out top cat each time...In fact at times the dog looks positively depressed by this sudden explosive influence on house and home.

I also have the opportunity of a break in Manhatten in the fall...God doesnt that sound romantic!!!!..My daughter works for a film company in London and staff can have the FREE use of the company apartment in Manhatten if they wish. My daughter will be working in Los Angeles at the end of October and has booked the just got to save for the the time off whooopeee!!! something to look forward to and break the drag of a wait until court.

Having said that watching the footage of the protests in Burma just now, which are so saddening and worrying it really puts a different perspective on my personal and work circumstances which are nothing in comparison


gledwood said...

I don't know what's going to happen with Burma. According to Radio 4 intellectuals, China has been protecting Burma's system of doing things for years ... now China is more a super power in its own right, is doing Olympics next year and wants to be respectable, such shielding may well cease...
Leaving Burma truly out in the cold. Also most of those currently ruling generals are in their 70s. Plus as far as I understand the ruling class and govt are Burmans, yet 50% of the population comes from minority groups... if these rose up along with the monks who knows what would happen?

Gledwood said...

It's a charming Sunday morning btw, Desert Island Discs has just finished ON THE COMPUTER - how posh!! I could do with a scone now...

Gledwood said...

Hang on a cat with extra claws... is that the Baby Itchy looking tabby? I was going to ask whether she was tortoise-shell, as aparently ginger cats are most likely to get extra claws (so I've been told) and tortoise-shell cats are female ginners

Audrey said...

Hi Gleds its a tense situation over there The monks and the people look so vulnerable. The question of a veto on the olymic games was mooted on question time the other night, surprisingly not many backed the idea, again using sport where sanctions on chinese goods and trade would be more powerful, but a veto of the games would be a great embarrassment and humiliation for the chinese government given their efforts to gain and build respect these past years

As for the kitten she is more tortoise-shell/tabby than ginger and she is making good use of those extra claws,Ive got the scars to prove

Anonymous said...


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