Monday, 22 October 2007


Ive given up trying to fathom myself out I think..acceptance of the now seems to be the order of the day..felt as if Ive been living in the land of Limbo for some time and to be positive its much better than some other places Ive felt trapped in, so patience..a little more patience is all thats needed.

Im keeping my feet firmly on the ground as far as the final hearing going ahead on the 16th of November is concerned, not allowing myself to fly away with the notion that this time it will definitely be closure, and perhaps its seeping into all areas of my being when it need not. Its like the shadow in the distance that will either finally disintegrate or hang around for a while longer, what is it they say...Never fear the shadows it means there is a light shining nearby.

In the meantime my flight is booked for New York and even as I write this its feels as if its someone else Im writing about and not me which is ridiculous. When I tell myself it is me..I feel the excitement, the fear, the anticipation...It is ME!!!! Im flying on the 8th of November from Aberdeen to Amsterdam and on to New York city for 5 whole days. Back to work for one day and then.....Well hopefully no more waiting.

Manhatten in the fall, Central Park in all it colours, falling leaves, fresh crisp air and the Statue of Liberty...symbolic? Leading onward as nature does, to Paris in the spring with Alan (a city he would love to visit my surprise, my thankyou for his being him) a loyal friend, a good man, generous with his heart.

There, the shadow doesnt have the power to block the view nor obliterate the colour after all.


Gledwood said...

Have a great time!

Audrey said...

Im sure I will Gleds thanks. This is the first time I will have ever travelled on my own so a little nervous but oh so exited at the same time

Love your profile pic by the way, dont robo's have the most beautiful perfectly round eyes.

RUTH said...

I'm pleased that you're taking the chance of a break. It has come at a perfect time and hopefully will take your mind off the 16th for a short while.
Forca and Hugs

Gledwood said...

Re shadows: they're easily dispersed by the addition of a little daylight!

Icarus said...

Well, NYC is certainly a way to leave some limbo behind! Amazing! Fresh crisp air? I've been there in a heatwave at the beginning of January, which turned abruptly within 24 hours into the biggest snow blizzard I've ever seen. Is Alan going with you? You wouldn't go alone, would you?
But you're right, "Freedom From the Known" would make excellent in-flight reading, and perhaps even more so ahead of the decision day to follow. It's an easy, short book that you can dip into whenever you want/need.
And don't forget, the Bronx is up & the Battery's down! That's just doing it, good for you!!!


Audrey said...

Thanks Ruth, Im sure there will be lots to keep me interested and distracted, must remember the camera and hopefully get some good pictures xx Auds

Audrey said...

Im travelling alone Stewart, so thats a first..gosh!!!!bit nervous about that, but good practice for Africa.

Ive got a good feeling about this trip, it couldnt have come at a better time.

Bronx up..Battery down...Im sure I will hear those words run round my head when Im over there and think of you and smile xx Auds

Icarus said...

Me, I always associate NYC with Steely Dan. They had just burst on the scene first time I was there, "Reeling in the Years" was to be heard everywhere (Spring 1973). I loved it. But "On the Town", with Gene Kelly, Sinatra & Donald O'Connor (wasn't it?) and "On the Waterfront", with Brando are in there too.

Gledwood said...

Hope you are having fun!

Gledwood said...

Hang on what am I saying - duh! - you haven't even GONE yet!!

(so typical me...)

ps who was your favourite Bear?