Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Seeing the essential

The little prince.
" What is essential is invisible to the eye " the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.
" It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important"
" It is the time I have wasted for my rose " said the little prince, so that he would be sure to remember.
" Men have forgotten this truth, " said the fox. " But you must not forget it. You become responsible , forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose....."
I am responsible for my rose, " the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.

I loved reading this book, a simple story with quite a profound message its one I go back to every now and again, so that I am sure to remember.

Im feeling much more positive today, hopeful even, that from here on in its forward. Some will walk with dignity and self respect, others may have to be dragged, screaming but forward it is....
I had one of those aha moments last night and got that wonderful peaceful feeling that comes with enlightenment. There is no way back, no side stepping, no fudging the time has come!

Enough of that...Today my passport came through much to my relief. This trip came as a bit of a surprise to say the least, it was only when I looked for my passport that I opened it and realised it had just run out a month previous, so two weeks ago I sent for a new one......It came today...Phew!!!!!! Confirmation that this is meant to be perhaps.

Right now I know Im going to have a wonderful time in New York, my mind wont be focused on any divorce, I will be flying and free of that for 5 whole days, wasting time with my lovely diva of a daughter Laura.

Laura landed in L.A, coming through customs with Emma Bunton who has gone to join up with her fellow spice girls. One of the photographers decided to start taking pictures of Laura, for some reason unbeknown to her. Although looking at the youtube of her arrival, Im wondering if they mistook her for Emma, especially if she was wearing her sunglasses

Others followed his lead and apparently one of them was heard to ask amid all the glare and flashbulbs " Who is she?" . Laura said it was quite scary, I cant help but smile, poor darling and excuse me " Who is she " how dare they!!!!! She is my girl..lol
Such a fickle and fleeting thing... fame


Gledwood said...

Thank God the passport finally came... you didn't tell us THAT bit (don't blame you, it would have strest the hell outta me too!)

As for your friend and Emma Bunton: do you have the link for the youtube film? I'd be fascinated to see...


Gledwood said...

When I was at school we had that Antoine de Saint Expury book in Welsh: Y Tywysog Bach...

When I finally DID get round to reading the Little Prince, as I was recommended to by my counsellor I was feeling so exceedingly bleak that the lack of anything much going on in the background of the Little Prince story to me was like an empty universe, so so so empty it hollowed into me... I can't describe how empty it made me feel!

I'm sure it is a magical book but my counsellor was a bit of a dolt sometimes, she used to really sneer at me for not getting myself together. I think she assumed I felt how SHE had felt in similar circumstances. I realize now how very ****ed up I was. Far more ****ed up than almost anyone realized...

sorry irrelevant moment there!

Audrey said...

Yes Gleds, I was dancing and kissing the envelope when it arrived..lol, didnt think to look before I agreed to go and then thought OH S..T when I saw it was out of date.

Your counsellor sounded quite like one I had, I ended up calling her tough love Jane, but in all honesty she was right for me at the time.

No apology required..lol

What you wrote was very interesting as the book for me highlighted the absurdity of human nature at times focussing on the importance of doing rather than being sometimes. Something about losing a sense of whats really important, a sense of real purpose, intention, meaning and value. Without that then I can be very busy but feel quite empty, something missing..PHEW!!!

Use your gifts well, hopefully your futher away from that place now. Auds x

p.s. The youtube clip I found just showed baby spice leaving the airport hopeless with links but I will try

Icarus said...

Sorry to disabuse you Auds, but no papparazzo worth his salt could pissbly confuse Laura & Emma Spice. Why not? Do I have to spell it out? OK, 'cos Laura is just short of 750 times more attractive than the Baby one.
Therefore, my conclusion (and what I'd have done if I'd been on papparazzi duty there)is that they realised just that & thought it was worth the shots, just in case she was a celeb, or was a gonnabe.
Food for thought, isn't it?
As I'm real sick with a brand-new cold, I can only manage to add that this is also clearly a destined time for you to be going to the States, seeing is the not-so mighty $ is now down to 2.09 to the £. So, perhaps you do have something to thank G.W. Bush for, after all! Drop him a mail, eh?

Fly high!