Monday, 19 November 2007


Its gives me great pleasure to wish a very dear blog friend a very, very happy 40th birthday today

For Analia forever young at heart, beautiful in all ways

And belated birthday kisses and hugs to Manuel


Dan said...

Happy Birthday Analia! :)

Hi Forca! It's been a while!

Dan said...

Or Audrey. :)

Icarus said...

Belated thanks Audrey for letting me know. Due to no fault of yours, I saw it on Tuesday, but dealt with it.

How are you doing? Busy? Quiet...

As someone just wished me, have a swizzling weekend! whatever that might mean...:-)


Mousie/Paisible said...

and to you love, a very very nice Sunday...from a Peaceful who left the den some time ago...told ruth yesterday I wish the three of us could live next...that would be so fine !!!

Audrey said...

Having difficulty accessing a computer at the moment Peaceful, but Im kind of sad to read you left the den, you always gave so much, yet I know you will have had sound reasons, you will be soooooo missed Im sure. :) Your right it would be so fine to live close to wise women something I really miss just now. Though Im not around as often as I used to be Im sure that will change after February..In the meantime I will visit when I can and keep you in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxx Auds

Audrey said...

Stewart Hi Im fine, just keeping calm, doing what I can and missing access to a computer at the moment. Lots of changes going on, but Im still here and asking myself whats wrong with the good old fashioned way of communication. Will be in touch xxxx Auds

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Belated Happy Birthday!
Mummy was 40 on November 8th!
I bort her a mug wiv a Bear on it!


Gledwood said...

Happy birthday to your friend.

I am distraught because Itchy has gone missing!