Wednesday, 28 November 2007



I wish that you always find spring in the air and your step
That those little things in life that you truly love
Always find there way to your door, bringing their magic with them
That you trust and find there is no mountain you cant climb
But more that you forgive me for choosing such a song to play today
Yet I insist you kick off shoes and dance and sing anyway

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEWART....Forever young at heart.

Hope you have a wonderful day


Icarus said...

Where to start, Auds? Well, first, I don't know how I only found this now when you have been so much in my mind the past days, wondering what is happeneing & where you are. I must have just missed this post on Wednesday.
2) Nothing to forgive, cos it is a great fave. Ecept I haven't heard it for so long. RANT: and not now either; I can't get any sound!!! So I started singing it to myself, i.e., "Birds in the air/There's magic everywhere/When you're young & in love". Right?
Curiously, it reminded me about how I suddenly got into this thing early last year, even before any before blogging, I think. A sudden obsession with the song by Frankie, "Young at Heart". I found the lyrics, read them, sent them to friends. But it was all with a sense of bitter irony.
And now I see that you are tuned into it at the end.
3) Your urgings to me, I offer them back in return, because I think they are equally approprio.
My reflections allow me to see that I am ageing. In ways that I don't know are just general natural rythym, or onset by my own peripatetic life. The near-term forgetfulness is driving me mad, but I am kind of at terms with it at the moment. I am now trying to reconcile myself more to how things ARE, rather how they were, or how I wish they could be. Is that age? Is that good? I can't sell out. I can't totally surrender either. But I don't want to feel eternally so miffed & looking back. I am the wanderer. I am Icarus, the worst place for me is the ground. Right now, I'm so excited, like a very young heart, because I was alone by the riverside less than an hour ago,m with the gulls, pigeons, cormorants and boats on a mild grey day. Suddenly, a heron appeared. The first I've ever seen here, or so near. I tracked it, waited and....ny battery ran out. So I've come back to re-charge a bit, hoping tofind it again before it's too dark. Such a kid!!
Like I wrote on "Eden", it has been a birthday of words. Great words. So this today prolongs it.
I love them.
But I am still wondering about you. At least Ruth managed to get an e-mail to me yesterday from college. She asked me to get her love to you. I'm worried about her & I'm determined to try to do something about it later this evening, after the heron hunt. Analia supplied a phone number, but we don't know if it is still active. It's the best I can do, she's out of internet contact.
Vow me just this: we stay in contact (intenet café/freinds/work pcs), if our home machines are out to lunch.
A last, new thought:
Take all the culture that enriches that there is. All the rest will noly do the opposite, and there is too much of that to serve any progressive human puprpose.
Voilà. Now, back to the Marvelettes again.
Biggest thanks. Biggest Love, from Ic the Kid

Icarus said...

PS: Correction to 4 lines from the end, should be "all the rest will ONLY do the opposite"
PS2: Still no sound. This iTunes thing, is it compatible with Real Player? Can anyone use it, even without an iPod? I just bought a new Creative 2GB MP3 & I'm confused. That's age!

Analía said...

Hi Auds! Thanks for your wishes my dear friend! Could you fix your PC problems. I don't want my people to go away!!
I'm, little by little, coming back to post in my blog and visiting good friends. I hope to see you soon, ok?
Love ANi xoxoxoxoox

Gledwood said...

I would love to go flying today...

Dan said...

Kicking off our shoes and dancing RULES!! :)

Happy birthday Stewart. Hugs to you Auds.

Gledwood said...

Still flyin'...

Dilly said...

Hewo, Aud!

Dilly come by say hewo.




Mousie/Paisible said...

flying through the air in my magic bubble to blow your evening kiss...

Icarus said...

It feels like you got on one of those new super-jumbos for the flight, whereas I hopped on a 4 seat air-taxi.
I'm sorry, my friend, I feel like I've not been so busy with work and so totally focused on all of it that this is just a minute-long window of opportunity. It can't be helped, but I hate the way I keep making promises to my friends and then can't deliver, due to time, obligations & faitgue.
I'm gonna send everyone who I owe a personal to a brief mail!!
Hope you are well & positive.


Icarus said...

Finally, I heard it!!! It was my own fault, BTW. One lose lead into my audio-hub.
I remember having the "This is Soul" sampler album that everybody had in 1967. This by the Marvs was on it.
So, just had a belated singalong, and today's weather is really like "Spring in the air". Ana appeared in the doorway to add the Supremes-style hand-dancing!
Now back to work for me. Ain't no mountain high enough for me this week.

Anonymous said...

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