Friday, 15 June 2007

Angel Falls Venezuela

Today I had reason to turn the tables on myself. I tried to imagine how my children will feel when I take off on my travel to Africa. Ive always been there, just a call away, they have always known how to reach me, where to reach me, and if I felt it necessary and urgent I would drop things to be there and present for them. Thats how its meant to be, sometimes not easy but at the end of the day, that simple.

Patrick leaves on Wednesday, I feel a mixture of pride, pleasure and shared excitement for him. He, as he said he would, is travelling opting for Venuezela, Caracas and backpacking down to Brazil.

S**t , that was the first thought that entered my head,I asked if he didnt fancy a month just relaxing on a beach in Spain, but having already explored a few options with him, I knew this was of no interest to him. His choices were limited due to not being able to acquire necessary Visa's for his first choices at the last minute. So hes off, not really prepared I feel, or am I just a

I perhaps shouldnt have shown him my travel brochures from i to i who arrange overseas placements nor told him about STA travel who arrange student travel, but I did and now Im nagging or at least thats how it feels..Have you got this, have you got that, promise you will keep contact every couple of days etc etc etc.

I think my main issue or concern is that he is travelling alone, but Im sure he will be fine..

There now Ive got that off my chest I can shut up, it has however made me realise the importance of little things, informed risk taking, the importance of preparation and keeping contact with those sitting at home wondering if you are ok, I may just slip a few little reminders in his Calvin Kleins ***RING YOUR MOTHER*** CALL HOME OR ELSE!!! any suggestions welcome..
Patrick wants to see Angel falls which is apparently the highest waterfall in the world, and having found it on Youtube I can fully understand why, its absolutely astounding, now I wish I were going with him


Dan said...

It's understandable to worry, but what good does worrying ever do? :) When my wife worries I tell her that she better worry really hard or her worrying won't work! She and I then have a good laugh and relax a bit more.

I'm sure Patrick will do fine and it'll be something he'll be very proud of. But you're very sweet to worry.

Audrey said...

LOL, thanks for the tip Dan, it really works..just a tad concerned as he hadnt explored the malaria situation over there, it being wet season Im smiling again as he has taken on board that concern. I nag and Im sure he will thoroughly enjoy his travel

leanne said...

hello, thanku for your kind comment on fathers day, it was a hard day to get through. x