Wednesday, 20 June 2007

From here to ??

Coming soon to a screen near you (PERHAPS)

My original blog I set up at this will soon join the many, many seemingly abandoned blogs on that site, and here I am.

I first started blogging as a way of staying focussed on a special dream I have of travelling to Africa, initially South Africa on a horse safari near the foot of the Drakensburgh mountains. I hope to have the finances to enable me to live this dream next year, in the meantime, Im keeping it alive through this blog, as it can be so easy to loose sight of dreams through circumstances and situations that crop up and take over..yet time and time again I have found myself writing as a mother, writing about my childrens travel.

This has been educational, inspiring and unexpected for me too, I delight in the knowledge that they have created and seized the opportunities open to them to travel and I have had the opportunity to share to an extent their experiences through their stories.

Patrick my youngest son will land in Venuezuala tonight to begin his 7 weeks of travel, he seems so young at 20, yet having served two tours of duty in Iraq I have to do a reality check on my natural mothering instincts and acknowledge HIS life experience at such a young age, and delight that he is living life his way.

We sat for a couple of days before he went, chatting, as he made his map and route, scouring the internet for the places and sites he definitely wants to see during his stay and finding out the information about where to go and where not to go, what to watch out for and be careful about.

He travelled to London on Monday to stay with his sister Laura before jetting off. Laura has been fortunate enough to travel through her work with a film production company and has just recently returned from the Cannes film festival.

She called to say that Patrick had arrived safely, then all excited tells me that she had applied for one of those reality television shows, Shipwrecked.
Not expecting to hear anything from them, she then goes on to say that she has made it through to the second round and has been called for an interview for the next stage...Where does it all end.....Where did it all begin??

Ive not seen this show and I have to say that Im not a fan this genre of show, its all too much Desmond Morris'y and watching the chimps at the zoo for my liking, but that just me, I know they make for popular viewing for some reason.

The thought of seeing my own daughter appear in one is too much for me to comprehend at the moment. Part of me wants her to succeed if thats what she wants, but another part of me is saying...OH GOD NO!!! but I dont honestly know why...

Im laughing at myself in the meantime and looking forward to the days when I AM sleeping under the stars or galloping across the plains in Africa...No cameras please...Im a celebrity..get me outta here.


Dan said...

I think it would be so cool if your daughter made it to that show! Think about it. You'd be so proud.

So you wanna go on an African safari, huh? YES! GO! My wife and I did it a while back. I can provide a link to a funny post I wrote about it a while back ... and to loads of photos. Save your money and GO!

RUTH said...

Auds I hope this transition went smoothly. Love the address....the impact the Forca has made on our lives since Stewart's introduction of the word to us! I think I may have seen a snippet of Shipwrecked at some time...not quite my cup of tea...though naturally it would be a "must see" programme if Laura was successful! Your children will certainly never look back on their lives and think it was boring...even though they may give their mother a few grey
Though no doubt they'll get a few of their when your time comes and you live your own dream. May you NOT have to wait an eternity for that dream to be realised.

Audrey said...

Dan, thanks I'd love that link,I so enjoy other peoples travel experiences whether it be near or far, there is so much beauty out there :)

Yes I would be so proud of her,as Laura says it would be a once in a lifetime experience, its just the image of her throwing one of her hissy, diva fits over her hair and make up or something equally trivial in the grand scheme of things that has me rolling on the floor laughing..would she survive??!!!

Audrey said...

Ruth,welcome to the Forca, yes the word really hit a chord with me as do so many of Stewarts posts

Ive always encouraged them to challenge their own 'what if's', so I guess its worth the grey to see them live their lives in all its glorious techni colour, and good to know its a two way street.

Hopefully things will be resolved by September then I can book with confidence

x Auds