Thursday, 21 June 2007

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

I had fully intended to get out and go for a lovely long walk in the hills today, I have 3 days off, time to chill out, relax and unwind...Who said that? Scrape me off the ceiling somebody please!!!

I'd been a full time mother whilst married, financially dependant on my then husband, leaving the marraige meant I had to become the woman who had to learn to stand on her own two feet again and I did and was happy to do so..but, theres always the but isnt there,

This success was not looked favourabally upon my the man I left behind and thus eventually found myself back at the starting block. Just prior to this I had taken on financial commitments which at the time and given my circumstances I was confident of meeting, not to be and I found myself in debt, out of work and struggling.

Much of what I write is past as I eventually did get back on my feet, pulled through and have for the past 4 years been in full time employment, happily paying my salary into the bank I have been a customer of for well over 20 years, paying my bills including regular repayments to the bank itself for the debt that was outstanding due to the unexpected change in my situation all those years ago

I popped into my branch last week, hoping to turn my instant saver account, which they themselves set up and approved 4 years ago, into a current account once more, not too phased if they declined..

That same day my cashline card was swallowed by that little man who sits behind the hole in the wall, faulty machine thought I and ring my bank, speak with the BANK MANAGER, who is very apologetic and cant understand why this should be, giving me reassurances that it has nothing to do with my query at the bank that morning. I had already spoken with the banks head office who had informed me that any new account I opened would be purely at the discretion of the local branch manager and I would be treated as a new customer. The bank manager at this point assures me that he will get a new cashline card out to me A.S.A.P.

Today I went in to said bank thinking it would just be a formality opening this new account given all the advice and information I had been given. Sit down with Alice( very nice lady) who then very apologetically tells me that my savings account has been closed, that I will not get a new card in fact the b****y bank has instituted divorce proceedings and the decree nisi is through and final.

Have you ever experienced that open jawed, vacant moment, when your brain is trying to process the information its just been given, well that was me!!!

I was told the savings account should never have been opened in the first place this information given by the very department that was recieving payments from this account for over 3 years, who are now saying they were not aware that the account existed..GET REAL!!

Ive taken their decision gracefully, but the verbal apology I recieved from Alice today, passed on from the lady who made the decision to close the account immediately, I want in writing with a full explanation as to why they have chosen to close it..Alice was very sympathic and cannot understand this decision herself.

I had a debt YES! but a two thousand pound debt that has been repaid in full as have all my creditors, I could have chosen to go bankrupt all those years ago, but didnt and Im proud of myself and what I have achieved these last 8 years...and now the focus is on moving on...

Alices face did however pale a little when I asked for my full statements covering these last six years of interest Ive paid, given the current climate surrounding banks and their overcharging customers regarding interest rates I have nothing to lose by looking into this....initially she tried put me off, but this is my right and Im claiming it.

Now off the ceiling lying on the floor...confused

A bit of yoga wont go amiss today plus as I very calmly told Alice I dont want to be with a bank that is so inept in training its staff, that its bank manager never mind its customer services dont appear to be able to give the right advice and where their recovery departments communication systems are so inept that its taken four years to close an account they were taking money from that should never have been opened in the first place according to them as they didnt know it that one out.....She apologied, I said "no need its not your fault" and we parted.


NEWSFLASH* Laura has made it through the second round and interview, she is now waiting to see if she gets the final call....OMG!!!!


RUTH said...

My gob has been never more smacked!!!! Really don't know what to say Auds.....
will just send a bucketful of {{HUGS}} ....and my admiration that a few FFFF's didn't fly out of your mouth!
p.s. they'll probably change their mind if you turn out to be the mother of the next Shipwrecked star!!!

Audrey said...

lol Ruth your p.s made me laugh out loud to myself..a brief touch of sanity

I was even more gobsmacked when I surfed the internet about my dear bank and read that they have been investigated for fraudulent behaviour and also that they are/were accusations of their funding the al qieda albiet inadvertendly...the word that comes to my mind at the moment is THANK YOU!! Royal Bank of Scotland I DONT WANT TO BANK WITH YOU ANYWAY!!
Ironic really I dont overdraw, they pay me interest so Im not a customer they have made money off since I opened the savings account I wasnt supposed to have..Faceless institutions..blah blah

Gledwood said...

I would punch the computer on your behalf (it's the internet caffe's computer not mine!) if I thought it would help, but it won't ... so I won't ... ho-hum what a loada bollox tho seriously red tapists never cease to amaze me


Audrey said...

Hi Gledwood, your right it wouldn't help and the thought of you hurting your hand over what you so aptly put as a loada bollox would cause me more upset than this does at the end of the day, its not even red tape its farcical,going to ring the hand that wielded the power tommorrow,should be interesting and given it was their mistake I shall insist they recompense me for the phone calls Ive made as a result... then pay it into my new savings

Then make some dumplings and smash their windows...lolx Auds( joking of course, wouldnt waste the flour)

AintNeverScared said...

Oh that is awful. I don't know you well enough yet, so I'll use polite speech, but what a crap thing to happen.

I found your blog by way of Gled's, hope you don't mind my stopping by. I loved that you wrote in your profile that one of your fave books is Women Who Run With Wolves. Love it too!!!!!!!!!!

RUTH said...

My father had problems with the Royal Bank of Scotland too. He ended up changing his bank. My Photo A Day today is just for you Auds.

Audrey said...

Hi aintneverscared, I like that name..

Thanks for stopping by and no worries re polite speech the air was truly blue

One of the best books Ive read WWRWW,dont know if you know there is actually an internet group that sprung from Estes work, all women, very informative and supportive..Ive just recently left but hope to rejoin someday..I loved it.

Will pop in and pay you a visit x Auds