Friday, 22 June 2007

Who do you think your speaking to?

The day actually started off quite well, the sun was shining brightly and I thought to myself after yesterdays farce that worse things can happen.

I rang the recovery department of the bank this morning, going through the process of giving details, reference numbers etc. The young man on the other end of the phone is obviously having problems tracing my account, so I tell him my account has been closed and the young lady I spoke to yesterday had the same problem, I explain that I am ringing to speak with Ms X and nothing more, could he just put me through.

Does she work here he asks me after a period of time (warning bells ring) so I tell myself not to be cynical and explain that the girl I had spoken with yesterday certainly recognised the name I had given but told me to ring back tommorrow as she wasnt not in work today, "so yes I presume she does work there".

The young man then tells me he will put me through after another brief pause.

Ms X comes on the phone, she recognises my name and knows about my situation, Ms X then goes on to apologise most sincerely for what has happened, when I express my concerns about my wages and my standing orders etc Ms X then goes on to catergorically, leaving no doubt that my account has not been closed, that whilst I will not get a new card and be able to hold an account with RBS in the future, at the moment my account is still operational no need for concern any standing orders will be honoured until I withdraw my money and close the account myself, which is in my best interest to do..She apologises again saying as I said that these past 4 years I could have been banking with another bank and building up a record.

Ring Alice at local branch later having left a message with the good news so she can check this out and verify for herself, only to be told I had not spoken to Ms X, Ms X herself confirmed this, whoever I spoke to this morning was not Ms X..

Alice by now is just as perlexed as I am, I am very patient and tolerant but this went way beyond even my tolerance level..Alice assured me she has also been messed around and that whoever took my call this morning and the young man who put me through despite making it very clear that I was calling to speak to Ms x and only Ms x are both for the high jump from their manager and that there is obviously something very wrong with the training department down there, it will be looked into Im assured..

Well state the obvious Alice and whoopee you really made my day NOT!!!!!

I have today opened another account at another bank and when I explained my situation it is beyond them too, in the gentlemans words Thats beyond harsh.

When all is said and done it will sort out and in the light of what some families are going through just now ITS MINISCULE in still smiling and taking the day to myself tommorrow..BLISS!!!


RUTH said...

What a fiasco. I'm so glad you've found a new bank as the R.B. Of S. sound like a Right Bucketful Of Sh*t.

Audrey said...

LOL Ruth they are that as well and Im really bl***y shattered tonight,I can readily accept mistakes happen, but they didnt do themselves any favours in the customer service department and onwards...tommorrow x